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Hearts & Horses Participant Scholarship


The Hearts & Horses Scholarship will see participants who would otherwise not be able to access the transformative power and therapeutic effects of horses participate in the life –changing programs offered by HorsePower Australia. 

For over 47 years, HorsePower Australia, previously known as Riding for the Disabled Association of WA has provided equine facilitated programs to individuals with physical, intellectual, emotional and social challenges through activities such as horseback riding, carriage driving, vaulting, hippotherapy and walking with horses. The impact of these programs is evident every day. 

“Lachlan gets so much each session, not only on a physical level, through building his core strength, upper body, fine motor and balance – it’s also more on a spiritual level. Lachlan becomes very grounded during his time with Bailey and his ability to focus and concentrate while listening to instructions has really developed as a result of his sessions.” Kylie Beveridge, Lachlan’s mother. 

​​The benefits of spending time with a horse are not just in the area of physical health, HorsePower activities also provide benefits in the areas of educational learning, sport & recreation, social inclusion and improved mental health. The simple pleasure of working with horses encourages responsible and caring attitudes, improved self-esteem, communication skills, leadership and trust.

“Being a part of an accepting community like HorsePower has helped grow Lachlan's confidence and his ability to connect with people from all walks of life." Kylie Beveridge, Lachlan’s mother. 

“It is through financial support such as that provided by local businesses and members of the community that HorsePower is able to provide care for its horses, as well as establish a scholarship fund for participants with demonstrated financial need & circumstances that hinder their ability to participate in HorsePower programs.” Kelly Mansfield, HorsePower Executive Officer.

Many participants endure extensive medical & therapy costs due to their disabilities and the majority are not supported via the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) to access HorsePower programs that make such a difference in their lives and those of their families. HorsePower through the Hearts & Horses Scholarship strives to eliminate financial barriers that would prevent individuals with diversabilities accessing these programs. 

HorsePower Australia is asking for your support to help transform the lives of people with diversabilities and create millions of magical moments. 

Costs of HorsePower Programs: 

$52 will fund an individuals session.  

$520 will fund an individuals sessions for a whole term (10 weeks)

$1,040 will fund an individuals sessions for two terms (20 weeks) 

$1,560 will fund an indiviudals sessions for three terms (30 weeks)

$2,080 will fund an individuals sessions for the whole year (40 weeks) 

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