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A great deal of ROLDA resources and man hours are dedicated to our rescue program. Whatever the time, season or weather, our amazing ground team are on-hand to provide emergency rescue to animals in need.

Romania experiences extremes of weather throughout the year, our winters see temperatures plummet to artic levels, approaching -40C at its peak. In contrast, our summers can be stifling, temperatures soaring to over 30C, creating draining, humid conditions in wetlands and exhausting arid environments in our urban zones. These conditions have a strong influence on the nature of the emergencies to which we respond.

In winter, we frequently respond to animals suffering from hypothermia and starvation. In summer, we see a sharp rise in the animals we rescue and treat for infection and parasite- borne diseases.

Regardless of the season, there are common emergencies we deal with all year round.
Injury, from misadventure, fights with other animals and deliberate, appalling cruelty from human beings. Malnutrition is evident in almost every animal we treat, as well as ticks, fleas and other parasites. Some animals we rescue also have complex conditions, such as cancer, the loss of a limb or their sight and need immediate, expert medical intervention to give them the best possible chance of survival and a good quality of life.

This is what ROLDA exists to do, to ensure any animal out there receives the aid they need.
We never euthanise when there is a possibility to treat and we never put cost before need.

Every animal we save is brought to our highly experienced vet and once any urgent needs are addressed, each receives a broad-spectrum vaccine. These vaccinations are crucial in keeping both our shelter population and broader animal population safe from communicable diseases. Once they pass a quarantine period (essential for the safety of all our animals) in which they’re kept safe and comfortable, they join us in one of our shelters.

With your help, we can continue to be the sole saviour many of these animals will have, and provide them essential medical care and the appropriate treatment to give them the best chance of a long and happy life.

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