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Support for Romanian strays


We’re really hoping that the weather at the end of the year will be
nowhere near as bad as it was at the start. Last January, it was terrible
throughout Romania.
Our colleagues at ROLDA Australia can’t believe what it can be like
for us during our winter.

We’re subjected to all kinds of appalling weather. At worst, we get really
heavy snowfall and blizzards driven by bitterly cold, gale force winds.

Our work is difficult enough when the weather is being kind. Snow lying thick on the ground makes it almost
impossible. So we’re definitely NOT dreaming of a white Christmas. But if we get one, we won’t let it beat us.

We have a duty to the dogs – and our supporters like you.
It’s true that a blanket of pure white improves the look of the bleak
industrial wasteland around our shelters. It also muffles some of the
noise… but has a terrible impact on us as we try to care for the dogs
that rely on us.

The road to the shelters can become impassable and if the snow’s
too deep to dig out by hand, we have to find the money to hire a
heavy-duty plough to dig a way through.

Our wonderful staff prove their dedication at such times. In past
winters they’ve trudged through deep drifts on foot for 5 kilometres
or more because there was no transport. And then they’ve dug a way through snow with their hands to get to the dogs, hoping that they had all survived the night. Then they feed them and make them as warm as possible.

Getting and staying warm costs a lot of money.

To make the dogs more comfortable, we bought some heaters.
We were devastated when they were stolen. As you know, our rescued dogs and those still out on the streets don’t matter at all to those in authority in our country. We reported the theft to the police, but absolutely nothing has been done to try to get our heaters back.

To make things worse, the price of logs we burn to keep the dogs warm has doubled since this time last year.

It’s much tougher to fight off the cold if you’re hungry.
On Christmas Day, as well as feeding the 700 or so dogs we’ll be caring for, we always make a special effort to feed as many of the estimated 18,000 dogs living rough around our shelters. If the snow lets us drive, we can feed more.
But if it won’t, we’ll go on foot.

We keep going because giving up is not an option. The dogs need us.
We have launched a special appeal to provide nourishing, yet inexpensive, meals over the holiday period. Our ambition is to serve a total of 20,000 meals, costing $1.60 each.

You can help out using the form below. A gift of $150 will pay for a whole kennel’s costs (meals and related costs) from Christmas to New Year. That will mean six satisfied tummies of medium size dogs.

On December 25th, no matter what the weather, we will be thinking about you as we give the dogs their Christmas Dinner.

We are so grateful that people like you all around the world continue to support us, enabling us to carry on doing all we can to give a brighter future for as many beautiful dogs as we can.


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