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HorsePower Australia (HorsePower) is a community based charitable organisation servicing individuals with diverse abilities across the state of Western Australia.

There is an opportunity for everyone at HorsePower, whether it is a child diagnosed with autism, cerebral palsy or Down syndrome; a young teen struggling with emotional stress or from the effects of abuse; an adult recovering from a stroke, decreased muscle tone or dementia. HorsePower helps to build and focus on individuals’ abilities, rather than disabilities by providing high-quality equine assisted programs adapted to their needs. 

​For over forty-eight years HorsePower has strived to nurture not only our participant’s physical health, but their mental and spiritual health as well. Our equine assisted services are far more than a mere pony ride. Through working with the horse as a partner and modality, our services produce tangible physical, psychological, cognitive, social and educational benefits. We witness the profound life enhancing benefits of equine assisted services everyday, and invite you to experience them yourself. 

​​HorsePower relies on the kindness of others to provide our service to those in need within our community. Medical professionals are increasingly recognising that there are significant physical and mental health benefits to being involved with horses and being active within your community. 

It takes team work to make the life changing work at HorsePower happen. HorsePower brings together an impressive combination of volunteers, donors, staff and horses to serve the adaptive and varied needs of our community. We hope you will join our team in helping to transform lives. 

Any donation large or small, makes a difference and all donations over $2 are tax deductible. 

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