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Horse Rescue Australia Inc. has been rescuing, rehabilitating & rehoming abandoned, neglected & abused horses & ponies from Sydney and regional NSW for over 30 years. We work with both the public, RSPCA & the Animal Welfare League of NSW to help out equines who need a 2nd chance in life.

Our work involves assessing the individual horse's situation, rescuing them from commonly very poor living conditions (often with little food or water), providing a safe place to live at our sanctuary, good food, clean water, veterinary care, hoof & teeth care and any other immediate and ongoing needs. All the horses in our care are assessed, both physically and psychologically, for their capacity to find new loving homes. Some horses are simply too traumitised or disabled, due to their prior life experiences, to be rehomed and these are given a home for life with us.

All horses rehomed are given the opportunity to come back to our sanctuary should their adoptor's circumstances chance, thus ensuring their safety for life.

The cost of feeding, housing, vet/feet/teeth care as well as all the associated equipment necessary is vast and we rely solely on public donations to fund our work. Every cent given goes directly to this work, as we are run entirely by volunteers, with no remumeration given at all. Our volunteers give of their time out of their love and concern for the welfare of the horses only.

We also have membership available to individuals and groups who wish to keep up to date with our activities via our newsletters. News of new arrivals and happy endings are reported, along with stories detailing the rehabiliation of those in our care.


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Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.