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Houses for the poor


The Houses for the Poor Appeal allows you to directly fund the construction of a house for a desperately poor family in Sri Lanka.  Donations through this site go to paying the construction costs of a house for a family who currently live in deplorable conditions.  (NB: If you'd like to avoid the merchant fee, you can make a direct deposit to our bank account - see the appeal website:

The families we are asking you to help generally have young children, and extremely low incomes from unskilled labour.  Their existing housing is usually what they have been able to construct themselves with small tree trunks, palm fronds, mud, and tin sheeting.  Dirt floors, no windows, no power or running water, open fire cooking, and open pit toilets are common.

Constructing a real house for a destitute family gives them hope, and a foundation from which to build a better life for their children.  A tax deductible gift of $6500.00 is enough to lift an entire impoverished family from subsistence living, to a basic living standard - a house with brick walls, concrete floors, and glass windows.

Every cent counts - we pool all our smaller donations until we have enough to build a house - so please, contribute what you can afford.

We are currently pooling donations to build a house for the families featured on our appeal website:

The most profound benefit in gifting a house is the transformation of an entire family from a feeling of abject hopelessness to a position of self respect and standing in their community.


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