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Holyoake Alice Springs Inc

Counselling for Alcohol, Drugs, Gambling and other concerns

Holyoake Alice Springs works to empower the Alice Springs community to reduce the harmful effects of alcohol and other drug misuse by providing evidence based counselling and education programs, and ongoing support.

Holyoake has 3 core programs and Sandplay Therapy:

1. Managing Your Life for people directly affected by alcohol, drugs, gambling and other harmful behaviours.

2. Skills for Life for people living indirectly with the effects of alcohol, drugs, gambling and other harmful behaviour.

3. Pathways to Positive Parenting explores what happens for children who are surrounded by substance misuse and how parents/carers can help them.

Sandplay Therapy is offered to help fill the gap where support is lacking for young children: Sandplay Therapy is an active and creative form of therapy with a long and distinguished history originating in London in the 1920s. Sandplay Therapy is a non-verbal, early intervention modality where children between the ages of 5 and 12 are able to freely explore their feelings and learn to share them. Sandplay is particularly suited to work with young people as it provides unique and developmentally appropriate opportunities for engagement in a therapeutic process. Sandplay is experienced as non-threatening and relaxing, there is no counsellor agenda imposed, nor any pressure to “do” anything, just an invitation to play or create a picture.  The safety of this modality can help children create a sense of safe containment of traumatic material within the boundaries of the sandtray.



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21 Newland Street

(08) 8952 5899

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