Human and Hope Association

Empowering Cambodians in Siem Reap

Human and Hope Association came about in March 2011 when a group of villagers saw an absence of education in their commune. They knew that education was the key to alleviating poverty in Cambodia, as many hadn’t received the opportunity to be educated themselves. The main projects are:


English classes are aimed at children to get them learning the basics

Living values classes are held every Friday instead of English and aim to improve our student’s attitude and behaviour

Khmer class helps illiterate children learn their native language so they can catch up at public school

Preschool class is for five-year-olds to learn Khmer language and have a good start to their life of education

Art class is held once a week to promote creativity

Library is open daily so the students can improve their knowledge on all sorts of topics

Staff development workshops are run every Sunday as we believe that to develop our community we need to develop our staff


Sewing program aims to provide our most marginalised villagers with a skill so they can earn a stable income

Home sewing business sees our most talented students employed to make products for us at their homes


Family farm program teaches chemical-free farming to villagers over four months so they can grow vegetable for sale and personal use

University scholarship program assists staff who come from disadvantaged backgrounds to pursue further education

Community workshops address social issues so our community can be more aware of the law, their rights and responsibilities

Community outreach program ensures that our most marginalised villagers receive the support and advice they need


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