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Hunter Heart Safe

Training the Community to respond to Cardiac Arrest.

Sudden cardiac arrest affects around 25,000 Australians each year. Many of these victims are young and their cardiac arrest comes without warning. Unfortunately, only around 9% of cardiac arrest victims survive.

Bystander response is the key to improving these dreadful outcomes. Quick recognition of the cardiac arrest, an early 000 call for help, quality chest compressions and early defibrillation can save lives. Bystanders must act immediately and not wait for paramedics to arrive.

Hunter Heart Safe is a group of volunteers providing free cardiac arrest response training to the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie community. We provide brief teaching sessions to community groups, clubs, schools and businesses. We teach non-medical responders the importance of bystander action, how to recognise a cardiac arrest, how to call 000, what to tell the ambulance control centre, how to perform hands-only CPR and how to use an Automatic External Defibrillator. We aim to inspire confidence and competence through knowledge, skills and the understanding that they are the most vital link in the chain of survival for cardiac arrest.

Our aim is to train as many community members as we can in order to increase bystander CPR and AED use. Hopefully, we can improve cardiac arrest survival in the Hunter. Donations will be used to fund administrative support and the purchase of teaching aids.


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