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Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for supporting the Hush Foundation. People like you are the reason we have a history of over 20 years.
It’s a history of generosity; of our community stretching out their hands to assist – both with monetary and in-kind support. Your generosity has ensured we continue to transform the culture of healthcare through the arts, and with kindness.
Our mission over the last several years has been to produce unique and original music and creative Arts projects that improve care environments and outcomes for patients, families, and staff. More recently, Hush has hosted the Gathering of Kindness movement which are events that encourage conversations that matter about workforce wellbeing and safety, and advocate for the need for kinder practices in healthcare.
Our impact so far.
With your support, we have:

  • Produced 17 albums in collaboration with renowned musicians and composers
    Hush has sold over 75,000 copies of Hush albums and with your generosity, have supported the fruition of various music therapy and pain management programs in children’s’ hospitals. Our recent album, 'Gathering of Kindness', is a beautiful jazz compilation, composed by Peter Petrucci and Tony Gould. Hush have also produced a popular treasury book. 
  • Performed our popular Hush Health plays over 200 times
    Written by the wildly talented Alan Hopgood AM, our Hush Health Plays “Hear Me”, “Do You Know Me” and “What Matters” have been watched by around 10,000 people in various health and aged care settings throughout Australia and the world. Our Hush Health Plays highlight the impact that poor culture and behavior have on patient outcomes and safety. Feedback reveals these plays have made notable impacts on workplace culture, sparking necessary conversations that enable change to happen.
  • Hosted growing Gathering of Kindness (GoK) events each year since 2016
    Co-founded by our Chair Professor Cath Crock AM, and Mary Freer, our Gathering of Kindness events have positively impacted thousands of people. Thanks to the amazing response to our events, we have partnered with many hospitals nationally who are now hosting GoK events across November (near World Kindness Day) and throughout the year!
  • Commenced new research and learning initiatives for a better healthcare experience for all 
    Hush is proud to have partnered on an Australian Research Council grant entitled “Conferring dignity in law and health care” with Monash University, Macquarie University, King’s College London and Tulane University. Over $240,000 has been awarded to Monash University to develop a new and more inclusive conception of dignity, as well as educational resources and workshops on how to promote the dignity of consumers in health and aged care settings. Hush has also funded research into the benefits of arts in healthcare settings, to encourage the promotion of music therapy in healthcare settings.

The reception and response to our work continue to be wonderful and inspiring, and with your help, we will be able to make an even bigger impact.

What your money can do.

Your generous donations could assist us with:

  • The touring and advocacy of our new Hush 19 album, “Gathering of Kindness”
    Our Hush 19 Album titled “Gathering of Kindness” is a beautiful composition of piano and guitar, composed by friends of Hush and renowned musicians and composers Tony Gould AM and Peter Petrucci. The album was launched in 2019, and your donation could assist us in promoting and performing this new album in hospitals throughout Australia.
  • Production, marketing, and advocacy for our Hush 20 album currently underway
    With a phenomenal line up of Australian female artists including Kate Miller Heidke, Megan Washington, Mama Kin, Emily Wurramara, Naomi Crellin, and the talents of our friends at the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, this is one of our most ambitious albums yet! COVID pending, we will be hosting a launch in Tasmania 2020, and would love your support to bring this important album about parenthood to life.
  • More live music in hospitals
    It is a Hush dream to be able to provide more of our wonderful music live in hospitals and other healthcare settings. Your contribution can help make this a reality.
  • Ensuring we have the man and women power behind us, so we can continue our work for a better healthcare system
    Over the years, we have relied greatly on the contributions and skills of our volunteers to ensure our mission and works continue. With your help, we can better support our volunteers and the work we do through the continuing employment of key staff.
  • Our Gathering of Kindness events
    Your donation will assist us with the associated costs of putting on our Gathering of Kindness events each year, ensuring we can support a phenomenal line up of guest speakers, performers and thought leaders.
  • New research
    We look forward to taking on new research into the impact of kindness and positive cultures on patient and staff wellbeing and safety.

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