Women's Health Tasmania

Women's Health Tasmania

Mary has to have day surgery and has been advised she must not walk or catch a bus home. Unfortunately, Mary has no family or friends who can drive her home. A taxi fare to Mary┬┤s home in the outer suburbs on her very low income is completely out of her reach. Mary may have to delay her procedure until she can save up the cost of the fare which may take months and put her health in further jeopardy.

YOU can help women like Mary gain access to timely and appropriate health care.

Why we are collecting funds?

Women in Tasmania still face many barriers to good health and well-being. Those barriers can be big or small, financial, language, geographic or structural.

At the Centre we work hard to remove barriers or find ways to work around them but we need YOUR HELP to continue this important work.

Funds donated will be used to:
  • Assist women financially with out of pocket medical expenses;
  • Pay for transport, travel and accommodation;
  • Assist with the cost of medications;
  • Give money to homeless women to wash clothes at the Laundromat;
  • Advocating on the behalf of individual women; and
  • Lobbying governments, businesses and the community sector for improved services and supports for women;
  • Where necessary working on changing policies and legislation.

How can I learn more?

Find out more at www.womenshealthtas.org.au

Give today to improve the health and well-being of Tasmanian women.

Women's Health Tasmania CrowdRaisers

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Julie M's Journey $2,010

Contact Details

PO Box 248 25 Lefroy Street

Are donations tax deductible?


Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.