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Remote Australia operates along very different lines to the rest of Australia, and the events and values this Australia celebrates are rarely seen or experienced by the rest of Australia.

By sharing these events throughout Australia via live broadcasts on ICTV PLAY and on ICTV's Channel 601, this project has an opportunity to challenge and enrich the relationship between remote Australia and mainstream Australia.

ICTV is a not-for-profit community television service that broadcasts and programs content by and for Indigenous Austrralians in remote Australia.  We are relatively unknown outside of remote Indigenous Australia.

The types of events that we woudl be hoping to broadcast and webcast live from remote Australia include Sports Carnivals, historic anniversaries such as the Wave Hill Walk-Off, Native Title Determinations and more.

We need your support to purchase specific items such as:

  • Satellite uplink and encoding equipment;
  • Payment of Indigenous camera operators and crew;
  • Travel costs to events.

We currently generate 15% of our own income through sponsorship and donations.  Government funding represents the remaining 85%, but this percentage is reducing each year and it is becoming increasing difficult to raise money for equipment.

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10b Wilkinson Street

(08) 8952 3118

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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.