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IDRS (Intellectual Disability Rights Service)

IDRS (Intellectial Disability Rights Service)


Why donate to IDRS? 


Because we Make Rights Real for people with intellectual disability.


Why have rights if you can't use them? 


People with intellectual disability have more legal problems than most people but can't find a solicitor who will take the time to help - IDRS take the time to listen, provide legal advice and persist in finding a better outcome.


People with intellectual disability are 2% of the NSW population but 10% of the population in our prisons - IDRS sends a volunteer support person to the police station to make sure the person is shown respect, understands what is happening and gives legal advice so the person doesn't make the situation worse.


Babies of mothers with intellectual disability are regularly removed when Mum is still in the maternity ward - IDRS helps mothers with a parenting support plan during pregnancy.  We work alongside Family and Community Service (FACS) if they have concerns about the child and we stay committed throughout the struggle to have children returned to their mother.


Women with intellectual disability are 11 times more likely to be a victim of sexual assault; yet sexual assault convictions, in these cases, are rare - IDRS will find a trained support person to be with the woman when she reports the crime to the police; this helps with communication, emotional support and justice for the victim.  We help get victims the right support and continue to support the women through the court case.


Help us continue to Make Rights Real for people with intellectual disability.


Justice - Respect - Persistence



$25    helps to get a volunteer support person to the police station to help a victim or someone under arrest

$50    helps our solicitors to spend the additional time necessary to give quality legal advice

$100  helps us to run groups to bring people with intellectual disability together to help each other

$150 helps us to work with a woman during pregnancy so that she gets a chance to parent her child

$250 helps us to train new volunteer support persons to make sense of the chaos of court for defendants, victims and parents with intellectual disability

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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.