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Illawarra Women's Health Centre

Illawarra Women's Health Centre


General donations are for the Centre's costs in running its free services, in particular our:

1. Unique and highly regarded young women's health and well being program, which promotes empowerment, resilience and protection and includes:

§  one on one counselling and support

§  outreach into ten high schools across the Illawarra with specialised programs for girls and young women on women's health, mental health, sexual health, healthy relationships, and e-safety. 

§  outreach into primary schools with specialised programs for years 5 and 6 on body image, media literacy (including the impact of objectification and sexualisaton of girls and women's bodies) and healthy (peer and friend) relationships.

§  outreach into schools for programs with boys on healthy relationships, including all forms of violence.

§  Mothers and Daughters program - includes understanding the changes that will happen in puberty, and protecting against body image issues

§  Mothers and Sons program – raising respectful, non-violent healthy boys

§  Drop in Space at the Centre (weekly)

2. FREE Telephone counselling service

3. FREE wrap around support services for women escaping, experiencing or recovering from domestic violence

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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.