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IMPACT Community Services

MAKING an IMPACT on homelessness


How good is that feeling when you recline on a comfy couch at the end of the day? How rewarding is it engaging in conversation around the dining table? Even better is curling up under a warm blanket in your own bed and having a restful night´s sleep.

These simple daily activities for many of us can be impossible for others, especially if people do not have the home, the facilities or the furniture.

Housing Project

IMPACT Community Services is establishing an accommodation project to assist those in need of affordable accommodation. To rent with us people will be homeless or at risk of homelessness. They may have mental health or other complex personal issues, be young mums, youth or just not `great´ candidates in the private rental market. Through our project we will help people establish a favourable rental history and references, so they can move onto secure long-term housing.

Funding Needed

We have the 4 houses in Bundaberg, but are currently in need of furniture and white goods to equip them. Our accommodation project HAS NO FUNDING so we are hoping to gain community support to help furnish these homes. Financial donations are now welcome.

Who are we?

IMPACT Community Services is a community owned, not-for-profit organisation that supports vulnerable people living in the Bundaberg, Discovery Coast and Burnett regions who may be experiencing disadvantage, poverty or exclusion from social and economic networks. We help individuals and families build resilience and reconnect with the community in a positive way to realise an improved quality of life.

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108 Bargara Road PO Box 694

Are donations tax deductible?


Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.