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indigo foundation is an innovative and independent community development organisation based in Australia.

Community led and volunteer based, we look at development differently – we commit ourselves to long term respectful partnerships with local grassroots organisations. All support is provided and monitored and evaluated within a framework of four Guiding Principles: community ownership, sustainability, transparency and equity.

Our approach is grounded in an active research agenda. We work with some of the most marginalised communities around the world and we engage with refugee communities in Australia.

We currently support thirteen projects across nine countries. Our projects are driven by the communities we work with – and focus on education, women’s empowerment, health and cultural strengthening.  We build schools and increase girls’ access to education in rural Afghanistan, empower Dalit women and children in India to access education and training and support women’s food security through a network of cooperative gardens in Indonesia. Through our respectful work with communities, we have directly changed lives and communities. 

Over the past 15 years we have built a strong reputation for delivering exceptional, cost-effective and transformative results.

We keep overheads low with a virtual office and a lean staffing model. We work hard to always ensure we provide the most accurate information on our finances, achievements and challenges. 

Up-to-date details of all our projects are available on our website at

End of financial year appeal 2017 - Empowering girls and women

Throughout the world, women and girls bearing the brunt of inequality and poverty. However what we see in our work are women and girls who are powerful leaders, empowered by education, by community support and by control of their reproductive health.

With your support, we need to raise $76,500 by 30 June so our community partners can continue making a difference, educating and empowering girls and women and improving lives in their communities. This will mean our current grassroots programs can continue and we can scale up the impact women and girls can make in the world – establishing a new partnership with PEKKA in Indonesia, safeguarding sexual health in Rwanda and improving the chances that a girl will get through school and into university in Afghanistan. Your support is vital to creating this change.

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