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Intensive Care Foundation

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As recently as 30 to 40 years ago there was no concept of intensive care and the vast majority of patients who now undergo intensive care would not have survived, or would have been unable to have other life saving procedures that require intensive care. These lives are being saved both by intensive care technology and by the improving standards of the practice in intensive care medicine.

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The Intensive Care Appeal is a major community fundraising effort, aimed at increasing intensive care survival rates by raising funds to support vital medical research into four key areas - lung injury, traumatic brain injury, infection and prevention. The ultimate goal is to increase our already-excellent record of 85% survival by an extra 3000 patients a year. That's like saving the combined road toll of Australia and New Zealand. But research and practice improvement will help us do even better.

Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Units have produced excellent internationally recognised research, which has demonstrated the quality of ICU practice and the skills of those producing the research.

Serious intensive care research can only be conducted with the participation of a large number of closely acting intensive care units and with adequate financial support. We have the former and the Foundation will achieve the latter with help from your donations.

If you wish to make a telephone donation, please call the Foundation office in Australia +61 3 9340 3444. Please read below if alternative methods of making a donation are preferred.

Key Areas of Expenditure

Raising funds for medical research in the field of intensive care medicine.
Provision of grants funding for research in intensive care practice.

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Yes, immediately sent to you by email when approved.

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