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Iris Foundation Australia Ltd.

Prevention of Suicide

Iris Foundation is dedicated to enhancing each and every person’s ability to survive and thrive.  Our work is focused in the area of primary prevention of suicide, mitigating problems before they escalate.
We work to instil messages to build and hold hope for the future, to develop the skills and knowledge to face adversity, the resilience to overcome challenges and to build connections and a sense of belonging.
Whilst much has been achieved in suicide prevention over the past years, we are still experiencing an increase in mental ill-health and suicidal distress.
Primary prevention of suicide needs to take priority in an effort to, not only alleviate the cost to our community of treatment of mental health disorders, but most importantly to give hope, strength and wellness to our young growing generation. 


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Wyong Community Centre, Building 7, 8 Rankens Court

(02) 4313 1841

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