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IRT Foundation is responsible for delivering IRT Group’s social impact. We believe in creating a better world for all older Australians. We combat disadvantage and promote older people as valuable contributors to society.

Our Vision

For all older Australians to live free from disadvantage.

Our Mission

To provide disadvantaged older Australians with access to supported housing and services and to enhance the lives of older people through social and civic participation.

Our Approach

  • Collaboration
  • Outcomes focussed
  • Challenging stereotypes
  • Social innovation

Our Principles

  • Issues are significant and increasing in prevalence
  • There is a gap in current service provision
  • We have the capability to have an impact on the issue
  • Activities are targeted and measurable
  • Activities are relevant to our customers and employees 

Strategic priorities

  1. Provide disadvantaged older Australians with access to supported housing;
  2. Link disadvantaged older Australians to relevant services;
  3. Enhance the lives of older Australians through social and civic participation;
  4. Increase awareness of our Social Impact Program to drive sustainability and growth.

For further information about IRT Foundation or to partner with us on an upcoming project please visit

Contact Details

Level 3, 77 Market Street

(02) 4221 8642
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Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.

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