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The Jewish Community Council of Victoria - JCCV




What is the JCCV all about? 

For over 80 years the JCCV has been the peak body of Victorian Jewry, Australia’s largest Jewish community.

With over 52 major communal organisations as its affiliates, the JCCV represents the mosaic of Jewish religious, political, cultural, welfare, educational and social associations serving the Jewish community in Victoria.

The JCCV brings our community together.

During times of celebration, crisis, pandemic and commemoration, the JCCV has confidently represented the Victorian Jewish community since 1938 with ONE VOICE OUR VOICE.

Our sense of community has moved to new heights during Covid-19 times. Directly involved in the Victorian Jewish Communal Taskforce on COVID-19 and regularly liaising with Victorian and Local Governments, Victorian Multicultural Commission, and Police, the JCCV actively protects and promotes our Jewish way of life with ONE VOICE OUR VOICE, whilst valuing social cohesion initiatives across our state.

The success of the Victorian Jewish Bushfire Relief Appeal and JCCV’s coordination, highlighted the importance of a strong, united approach to community matters.

The positive influence of representing Jewish Victorians with ONE VOICE strengthened community connections throughout Melbourne and Victoria.

We urge you to stand united with the JCCV. We deliver balanced and responsible advocacy, guidance for affiliates, strengthen inter-cultural relationships, offer professional development, and represent the Victorian Jewish community with purpose and pride.

Now is the time to support the ONE VOICE OUR VOICE campaign.

We require urgent funding to remain vibrant, unified and well resourced.

Urgent demand to collaborate with our 52 affiliate organisations to prioritise, support, educate, advise, advocate and promote best practice initiatives has never been greater.

  • Youth Alcohol Wellness Program
  • Child Protection Programs
  • Holocaust Commemoration
  • Combatting Antisemitism
  • Spiritual Health Initiatives
  • Jewish Immersion Days
  • Gender Equality Advancement
  • Victoria Police Liaison
  • Multicultural Cohesion Programs and Dialog
  • Victorian Government Advocacy


Complacency is not an option in these unprecedented times across our nation.

Your generous support of the JCCV Campaign ONE VOICE OUR VOICE, will strategically advance the reach of the Jewish Community Council of Victoria.


Please continue to make our voice be heard, 


Jennifer Huppert, President &  Judy Fetter, Executive Director



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