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The Jewish Community Council of Victoria - JCCV



Since 1938 the JCCV has been the instrument for the voice of celebration, crisis, pandemic and commemoration, representing our Victorian Jewish community with purpose and pride, making sure that your voice matters!

Today, the JCCV represents over 50 affiliate organisations and a diverse community of 60,000 Victorian Jewry. The JCCV represents you, your family, colleagues, teammates, school mates, neighbours and friends, every voice matters to us.

Our programs and initiatives create purpose, tell our story, deliver balanced and responsible advocacy, provide guidance for affiliates, strengthen inter-cultural dialogue and offer professional development. Our vital work with Victorian and Local Government strengthens community connections across our state, protects and promotes our Jewish way of life.

The Covid 19 Pandemic turned up the spotlight on the JCCV and the critical role it plays on behalf of our community. Through vision, strong leadership and collaboration, the JCCV responded stronger than ever, empowering the voice of our community. 

Your financial support is urgently needed to allow the JCCV to remain vibrant, unified, well resourced, and continue the JCCV momentum. 

It is fast becoming a cliché, but we continue to live in unprecedented times, and the need for your Jewish voice to be heard, the need to educate against hate, the need to protect and promote our Jewish way of life has never been greater. 

Make your voice matter!  Support the JCCV and together we can move forward to build a strong, safe, and vibrant Jewish community for ourselves and future generations. There is nothing more important than investing in your future, our community, our Jewish way of life. 

Your urgent support is needed, complacency is not an option. 


Daniel Aghion             Judy Fetter

President                      Executive Director



In 2021, the JCCV has actioned:

ADVOCACY: Led regular consultation with State and Local Government, DHHS and Multicultural Commission on Covid 19 developments and recommendations to assist the diverse Jewish community during these extraordinary times

COLLABORATION WITH AFFILIATES: Strategies for collective challenges in our community, networked and strengthened our community’s voice

SAFEGUARDING THE VULNERABLE: As a priority, initiated a needs analysis for child protection services which will lead to a tailored accreditation system for Jewish community organisations

JEWISH EDUCATION REVIEW: Enabling community discussion on affordability of Jewish Schools to reach 6000+ contacts and promote the consultation process with affiliates and our community

JEWISH IMMERSION PROGRAMS: Outlined greater understanding of Jewish lifestyles and traditions to combat overt and passive antisemitism and break down perceptions with programs for local Council employees across City of Glen Eira, and plans for Melbourne, Port Phillip and Stonnington in 2022

CONNECTING THE COMMUNITY: To reinforce bonds which bind us. Yom HaShoah, Plenums and Special Interests including Spiritual Wellness, Multicultural and First Nations groups linking with the Victorian Jewish community

Together, our community thrives.

Please use your voice to support the JCCV and advance the voice of our Victorian Jewish Community.



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