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Our mission is to support marginalised, disengaged and disadvantaged youth on the Mornington Peninsula by providing a safe place for young people to connect with trained, qualified staff, volunteers and mentors, as well as other young people. At Jimmy’s, young people can engage in holistic, complementary and current wellbeing practices, as well as skill based learning to strengthen their mental, physical and emotional health, resilience and skill sets.
The Jimmy's support model includes strong intervention and prevention practices, specifically relating to early signs and symptoms of mental and physical health problems. Building stronger community connections, self-esteem, skills and strategies will help reduce the risk of young people experiencing mental illness during teenage years and into their adult life. Greater academic outcomes and improved job prospects, as a result of improved mental and physical health, will assist young people to lead the way for generational change across the community, and allow them to enjoy happy, successful lives.


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