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$50 raised of $5,000 goal
$50 raised of $5,000 goal

Make a real difference and support the work of JobWatch, the only employment rights community legal centre of its kind. With your help, we will continue to support workers in Australia, particularly the most vulnerable and disadvantaged.

Who are we?

Since 1980 JobWatch has worked hard to support workers in Victoria, Queensland, and Tasmania with their employment rights. We are a not-for-profit employment rights legal centre and support over 16,000 workers across Australia every year with their rights at work.

Why are we collecting funds?

As a not-for-profit community legal centre, we rely on funding to provide free and confidential employment law assistance to the people who need it the most. The generosity of your donations and support will enable us to keep providing high quality services and ensure our community has access to information about and support with their rights at work.

By donating to JobWatch, you are helping Australians to be empowered with knowledge about their legal rights, to be advocated for and to feel supported.

How will your tax-deductible donation be used? 

At JobWatch, we believe everyone deserves to feel empowered and protected, with easy access to information and justice. We hope to empower people to make their own decisions when issues arise at work by giving them legal information tailored to their situation. Your support will ensure that more Australians can access our services.

Each donation goes a long way.

Your donation will support us in delivering essential support including:

  1. Telephone Information Service: This is a free and confidential service where our phone consultants provide callers with legal options and referrals to services that may be able to provide further support.  
  2. Legal Practice: We can handle individual cases by assisting people to enforce their employment rights and have access to legal representation. We work with people who may be more vulnerable to having their rights breached at work because of their age, gender, race, location, class status, and more.
  3. Community legal education: We focus on preventative measures so that workers are aware of their employment rights and have the knowledge to address unjust work practices. This is done through workshops, information sessions and training programs targeting schools, universities, local community groups and more.
  4. Law reform work: JobWatch is involved in government advocacy and media campaigning to promote justice and to raise awareness of issues impacting Australian workers. Because we assist over 16,000 workers every year, we can determine workplace trends and how it impacts workers. Our data is based on real experiences gathered from our Telephone Information Service so we can make evidence-based submissions to government and employment law bodies to advocate for policy and legal reform.

Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, a receipt will be automatically emailed to you once your donation is processed.

Where can I find out more?

Visit our website to learn more about us and the work that we do.

Thank you for making a difference with your donation.

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Are donations tax deductible?


Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.

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