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Just Home Margaret River

Just Home Margaret River

Just Home Margaret River Inc is a housing justice organisation that works to ensure that all people in Augusta Margaret River (WA) have access to appropriate, accessible, low cost, secure and sustainable housing and shelter options. Your donation enables us to provide frontline services to support people experiencing homelessness in our community.  

Our grassroots movement for housing justice is proudly led by people with lived experience of homelessness or housing stress, in solidarity with community allies and supporters. We estimate that more than 100 people are homeless in Augusta Margaret River (WA), and hundreds more are at high risk of homelessness. Members of our community are living on the street, in a car, in tents in the bush, in caravan parks, in hostels, and couchsurfing. The key cause of homelessness in our community is the high unaffordability of housing, where rental prices are the highest in South West Western Australia. With the severe unavailability of rental properties in our community, we are now in a housing crisis, and many families are at risk of homelessness. 

During COVID-19, the number of community members seeking support from Just Home has quadrupled. Just Home is witnessing increasing rates of homelessness, housing stress and domestic violence.

Your donation can help us achieve our major projects to try to tackle homelessness in our community:

Housing Information and Referral Service: Our part-time staff work with community members experiencing or at risk of homelessness to access housing. Our staff currently work with more than 120 people (most of whom have children), and the figures grow weekly. We are currently unable to meet the increased community needs without additional resources for our staff. We are very concerned about further spikes in homelessness when the moratorium on evictions ends in March 2021, and when JobKeeper and the Coronavirus supplement to JobSeeker and other income support payments. Just Home urgently requires additional funding to increase hours for our part-time staff to support vulnerable community members who are affected by the pandemic.

Social housing: Just Home is working with the local government, state government, community housing providers and private firms to help facilitate the development of social housing in our community.

Crisis accommodation: Just Home is working with community partners to address local needs for crisis accommodation in Augusta Margaret River. 

Peer support: Just Home supports people experiencing homelessness to connect with each other in community, with events, activities, and peer support groups.  

Advocacy and activism: Just Home participates in advocacy and activism for policy reforms at local, state and federal government levels to ensure that everyone has secure shelter. 

Just Home continues to raise community awareness of homelessness and housing injustice, through community events, fundraising activities, media articles and social media. We are building a movement of people and organisations committed to preventing homelessness and ensuring that all community members have secure, safe, sustainable and affordable housing. Just Home has influenced our community to be more compassionate. 

You can support our movement!

Just Home is a volunteer-run organisation with minimal funds. Your donation will help fund our staff wages and program, help cover our administrative costs (such as insurance and communications), and support us to implement our ambitious, community-based plan for housing justice. 


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