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JusticeNet is dedicated to improving access to justice for financially disadvantaged individuals and charitable organisations with a legal issue in South Australia. 

Like medical emergencies, legal problems can occur suddenly and impose high financial and emotional costs on individuals, particularly for those on low-incomes. Unresolved legal issues can entrench social exclusion and exacerbate pressures on families and individuals already facing significant disadvantage. 

Whereas our public health system offers uniform medical assistance to all Australians regardless of income, there is no equivalent 'safety net' when it comes to obtaining legal assistance. A range of public and community services (such as the Legal Services Commission and Community Legal Centres) provide important legal services to those who cannot afford a lawyer, but gaps remain in access to the civil justice system. 

JusticeNet collaborates with existing legal service providers to close these gaps in the provision of services for low income South Australians. JusticeNet matches clients in genuine need of legal assistance with a network of member firms and barristers willing to act pro bono (for free). 

JusticeNet receives no recurrent government funding. We principally rely on the generous support of our members, supporters and donors to operate our referral scheme. Your contribution, however big or small, will help us to facilitate access to justice for anyone with a legal issue in South Australia.

Your donation will assist to:

  • Coordinate the provision of free legal advice and representation for charitable organisations and financially disadvantaged individuals with a legal issue in South Australia;
  • Develop and present legal information seminars for community and not-for-profit organisations;
  • Raise awareness about access to justice and legal issues in South Australia.

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