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Kalyna Care

Support Multi-Cultural Care in Melbourne's West

About Us

Kalyna Care is very proud that 110 residents and their families call Kalyna Care their home!

Originally set up by the Ukrainian Community, today Kalyna Care provides quality residential aged care accommodation to the Australian, Ukrainian and a variety of other multicultural nationalities in the western and northern suburbs of Melbourne.

As an accredited, charitable 'Not-for-Profit' we would like to invite you to lend your support.

In contrast to private aged care operators, 100% of any revenue is invested back to improve the level of care and services here at Kalyna Care.

Your generous Gift will help support some our following projects -

Supporting Multi-Cultural Aged Care in Melbourne’s West

Kalyna Care provides exceptional quality aged care services to the Ukrainian and broader multicultural communities in Melbourne’s western suburbs.

Kalyna Care is proud of the compassionate care we provide to the 100 residents which have arrived from over 17 culturally and linguisticallydiverse backgrounds and is honoured to have been awarded the '2014 Victorian Multicultural Award for Excellence'.

As a ‘not-for-profit’, many of our residents have little financial surety to support themselves and many unfortunately have no family support here in Australia. Despite this, Kalyna Care is committed to providing ongoing quality health care and services to all of its residents.

We would like to ask for your support in raising $12,000 to help fund the purchase of two new important pieces of medical equipment -

1. Bladder Scanner with Trolley enables our staff to monitor each resident in the comfort and privacy of their own room without having to be transported for medical appointments. Cost $8,000 

2. Vital Signs Monitor with Trolley allows for vital signs such as blood pressure, temperatures and heart rates to be accurately measured 24/7. Cost $4,000 

This equipment will certainly assist by avoiding some unnecessary transfers to hospital emergency departments which can be very unsettling to the elderly, particularly those living with Dementia.

Please help Kalyna Care provide ongoing care to the most frailest and vulnerable community members living in the west.

On behalf of our residents we thank you for your support.

Kalyna Care is founding an innovative pilot project to 'Care for Carers' by establishing a Physio & Rehab Gymnasium. Please lend your support to those who help others!

Learn More About Us

Find out about Kalyna Care at our website

Read Your Story; a book we publish about our residents. Receive a hard copy of this book if you make your donation known to us. Go to our Facebook page to see what's happening.

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