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During the current COVID-19 crisis we will continue to support women and children impacted by family violence, prioritise the safety of our staff, clients and the community, while working within the guidelines of DHHS and the Government. 

We believe it is particularly important to ensure the safety of our clients by continuing access to our services and support. Past data tells us that in times of stress and crisis, Family Violence may escalate.

We are modifying the way we operate by limiting face-to-face contact and continue to provide support via phone and email. All non-essential staff are working remotely at home and those remaining in the office will be roistered in small groups and practicing social distancing.

We are committed to uninterrupted delivery of our services to ensure that women and children impacted by family violence during this time will be supported.

  • We have drastically reduce the number of clients in the refuge allowing us to separate families in defined groups.
  • Each client on arrival will receive a WELCOME KITCHEN PACK which includes new cutlery, plates and utensils for their own personal use to avoid sharing.
  • They with also receive an extensive WELCOME CLEANING PACK which provides high-level cleaning products to assist them to maintain a clean, hygienic environment.

Last year Kara House has provided safety, advice and emotional support to 290 women and 199 children who have experienced family violence no matter what their background.

Family violence is a harsh reality our community faces. One in 5 women will experience some form of violence while at least one woman a week is killed by a partner or former partner. 

Sara - Client story

For years Sara had lived in silence with the shame of family violence at the hands of her husband. She had stayed for the sake of her children but the day her husband beat her eight year old son for intervening, in front of her terrified younger children, she knew she had to escape. She left the family home in secret with little more than the most basic belongings and her three children. Her husband controlled the family finances so with no access to money her only option was crisis accommodation. With no close family she reached out to community services and was referred to and welcomed into Kara House women’s refuge in Melbourne. Without the support of Kara House, Sara may well have ended up as just another statistic reported in the news.    

Sadly Sara's story is not unique.


What do we do?

For over 40 years Kara House has provided secure refuge, risk assessment, safety planning, outreach support, referral and liaison with other services for Victorian women and their children who experience family violence. They are need of relocation or support services in order to ensure their safety. Last year we supported 354 women and 199 children no matter their background.

In addition to providing temporary refuge accommodation, Kara House provides transitional housing and rehabilitation support, client advocacy services such as assisting with court orders or visa applications, children's activities and community education. 

How you can help?

By making a donation to support Kara House you are demonstrating to the women accessing our services, that the community does care and they are not a forgotten statistic. Your donation directly contributes to programs that enable women like Sara and her children to rebuild their lives.

What you can do? 

Help us provide a secure future for our clients and make a donation today. All gifts are tax deductible. 

How your gift will be used: 

  • $75 will provide a WELCOME CLEANING PACK including high grade cleaners for women who arrive in refuge
  • $190 will provide a WELCOME KITCHEN PACK providiing families with essential kitchen items for their own personal use
  • $20 will provide a TOILETRY WELCOME PACK when our cleints first arrive at the refuge
  • $50 will purchase a SCHOOL PACK including backpack, lunch box and drink bottle for a child starting at a new school
  • $120 will purchase a LINEN PACK to provide fresh sheets, doona and pillows
  • $320 will purchase a FRESH START HOME PACK of appliances and kitchen essentials when they move into their next home
  • $1,000 will assist with much needeed UPKEEP AND RENOVATIONS at the refuge

Are donations tax deductible? 
Yes. Every gift made in Australia over $2 is tax deductible

Will I receive a receipt for my donation?
Yes, immediately sent to you by email when approved.

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Are donations tax deductible?


Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.