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Karinya Young Women's Service

Karinya young mums 'n' bubs

Karinya young mums 'n' bubs is a program for young pregnant women and young parents aged 16-19 in Northern Tasmania The program aims to address the gap in service by providing supported accommodation to this vulnerable client group.

The program will facilitate opportunity for young mothers to create a positive family unit.

The program will focus on four main areas for intervention:

  1. Addressing homelessness: A roof and an opportunity to address the immediate causes or determinants of homelessness;
  2. Child and maternal health: A healthy pregnancy, safe delivery, good health and nutrition in the post-natal period for both baby and mother;
  3. Transition to parenting: Support wrapped around the young woman and improved access to relevant services. Includes learning positive parenting skills; creating a positive family; and engaging positively with child protection and the foster care system (where this figures in the young woman's situation); and,
  4. The young woman's continued development: As a teenager, the mother continues to have adolescent learning and development needs of her own.

These include:

  • Addressing the root causes of homelessness and any associated personal challenges she faces e.g. substance misuse, family breakdown, and history of abuse;
  • Engagement with school or other forms of training and learning;
  • Balancing parenting responsibilities with her own continued development. 

 The money donated will go into supporting the basic needs  for our young mums 'n' bubs . The money will be used for education, recreation and motivational programs  such as

  • Education Programs e.g. first aid
  • Music programs
  • Art and craft programs
  • Living skills programs
  • Healthy eating programs
  • Parenting and family wellbeing programs

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PO Box 358

(03) 6331 0774

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