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Karuna was established to help remove the physical, emotional and spiritual suffering people experience as they face death.

.........This is Jean's loving story of how Karuna helped her. Your kind donation will continue this wonderful work..

"A strong man, a loving husband and father, with a love of the sea.

Originally from Plymouth in England, Des and I had long made Bribie Island our second home. Des could never stay away from the sea for long. A Merchant seaman since barely sixteen Des and the ocean had a strong relationship, full of great war time pain but also great joy.

We had moved to Springwood to care for my mother. Soon after she passed we were given the news that Des had only six months, the cancer had moved to his bones.

But things did not go well. The hospital could not provide Des with a hospital bed for at least four months. Our situation seemed unbelievably desperate. I was desperate for help to manage. I didn't know where to turn. Kind people in units close by helped us. My daughter and son-in-law did their best to help. They would come when they could after work. But during the days I was alone.

I wasn't able to cope with Des's deteriorating health. My doctor was worried. He tried to push the hospital for an earlier admission but this was not to be. Finally, he suggested I call Karuna Hospice Services - he would work with them. I had never heard of Karuna.

Within two short days my desperate lonely situation changed completely. From the first phone call everything changed. A nurse came almost immediately and assessed my husband. A suitable bed and other equipment was brought in. There he was, in his own room, looking out to sea.

From the first meeting, I felt that the Karuna nurses and counsellors knew exactly what they were doing, that my husband was getting the best of treatment available. He wanted to stay at home.

Because of Karuna Des was able to see the ships outside his bedroom window up until two days before he died, with two extra months to his diagnosed six. He saw in the year 2000. And he saw in his 75th birthday.

Karuna was with me from my first call and after Des died. I want everyone to know they never have to feel the loneliness and desperation I felt, as long as Karuna is here to help."

Karuna was established to help remove the physical, emotional and spiritual suffering people experience as they face death.

Karuna offers its clients palliative care under a "hospice-at-home" model. Karuna also offers counselling and spiritual care to community members dealing with issues of death and dying. Karuna's approach combines palliative nursing, management of pain and symptoms, and a range of support services including spiritual care, to enhance comfort and improve quality of life, for the client, carer, family and friends.

These services include:

  • Nurses - on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with specialist palliative care training, who monitor and manage symptoms and medication.
  • Counselling - Experienced counsellors and carer support volunteers provide emotional support to clients and their families.
  • Spiritual care - Respecting the specific beliefs and practices of individual clients, spiritual carers provide access to appropriate spiritual and religious support for clients and families.
  • Respite Volunteers - are caring confidential companions, who provide respite for carers on a regular or occasional basis.

Operating funds - Every dollar helps someone in your community.

The easiest way to support Karuna is to make a general donation towards our operating costs. Many of our energetic supporters volunteer their services because they know the difference Karuna makes and they can't bear the thought of someone needing our support and not getting it, just because of lack of funding.

Your donations keep us going. Karuna Hospice Services is a community organisation. We are a registered charity and are only partly funded by Queensland Health. We are here because you help us.

For more information about Karuna Hospice Services, please visit

Key Areas of Expenditure

$75 for one day of care for a family
$500 for one week of care for a family
$3000 for the entire care for a family

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Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.