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KIDS Foundation

KIDS Foundation

The KIDS Foundation is a dynamic, not-for-profit, health promotion charity that supports children and their families who have endured trauma, horrific burns and other injuries that have changed their lives.

Founded in 1993 by former primary school teacher, Susie O'Neill, the KIDS Foundation is a two-tiered organisation, dedicated to preventing childhood injury and assisting in injury recovery.

KIDS is active nationally through pre-schools, primary and secondary schools, delivering highly commended, interactive education programs.

Through its Burn Survivors' Network, KIDS puts survivors in touch with one another, so they can share their experiences and appreciate that they are not alone. It also provides assistance to their families and carers.

Key Areas of Expenditure

Support, education and information for burns victims
Aid and equiptment to assist in rehabilitation of children
Camps for burns survivors and their families

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Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.