KidsXpress Appeal

KidsXpress Appeal

 At KidsXpress, we help to empower children through expressive therapies.  With the healing power of music, art and drama therapy, children come to KidsXpress to process their experiences, express themselves safely, and learn positive strategies for life.

When children can truly connect and communicate, they can build resilience, learn from their difficult experiences, and develop positive coping strategies for life.

What can YOU do?

Start small…
  • $10 = art supplies for a KidsXpress therapy session.
  • $40 = an Expression Pack so kids can continue their therapy journey and express themselves creatively long after their therapy program has finished.
  • $65 = petrol and other expenses to keep our Mobile Therapy Team moving.

Think BIG…

  • $100 = an Expressive Communication workshop for a parent.
  • $250 = a therapy session with 3 expressive therapists for a child.
  • $2,500 = a full expressive therapy program for a child at KidsXpress.

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50 Waterloo Road

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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.

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