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Kindred Clubhouse

Kindred Clubhouse

Kindred Clubhouse is a small not-for-profit that offers a free peer-support model for people wanting to improve or maintain their mental health. The Clubhouse began due to a local Frankston Hospital Mental Health worker’s frustration at the lack of social programs. After 5 years of voluntary operation in a community house in Frankston, the Clubhouse opened its premises in Hastings in 2020.

The Clubhouse is a non-clinical, place-based response to psycho-social recovery. The environment is one of an integrated therapeutic working community that is open to anyone who has a history of mental illness. Membership is voluntary and without time limits. Being a member means that everyone is a critical part of the community and has both shared ownership and shared responsibility for the success of the Clubhouse. Most often though, people become members of Kindred because of the friendships they make and the sense of purpose it brings to their life.

Kindred members attend anywhere between 1 to 30 hours per week over the 4 days it operates. Members can make their own way to Hastings or can catch the Clubhouse bus from Frankston Train Station. Wed-Fri are ‘work ordered days’ which include cooking, communications, admin, strategy and daily running of the Clubhouse. Saturday is a social activity day which may include a themed celebration or an excursion into the community. As an organisation that asks “what matters to you?” rather than “what’s the matter with you?”, Kindred is able to work with individuals across all of their stressors and goals. People who find the Clubhouse because they are feeling unwell may end up training in Mental Health First Aid or as a Barista and returning to volunteer or paid positions. Alternatively, they may return to passions or hobbies that had left them. The start and the end point are open to change and variation – just as it should be for all people.


There are over 300 Clubhouses globally and 8 operational in Australia outside Victoria. The Clubhouse model was awarded the Conrad N Hilton Foundation humanitarian prize for exemplary and extraordinary contributions toward alleviating human suffering. Read more:

The Clubhouse model is internationally recognised and recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as a key part of a best practice community Mental Health system. 


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