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Kingswood Primary School

Kingswood Primary School Multi Purpose Hall Project

Kingswood Primary School has for the past 5 years been very busy in raising local funds to build a multi purpose hall.

Late last year the school completed Stage 1 Construction of building and amenities Project Value $320,000.

Over the next three years the school aims to complete Stage 2 Project Value $150,000

How will the funds be used?

Stage 2 consists of the following:

Kitchen (including white goods) = $10,300.00
Floor coverings - Sports Floor = $24,000.00 (Includes main hall, stage, two store rooms, foyer area)
Stage Curtains = $28,293.00
Heating/Cooling system = $13,000.00
Sound Booth = $4,300.00 (Includes construction of stairs, mezzanine area, plaster & floor coverings. Does not include sound equipment or lights)
Painting internal & external = $7,700.00
Foyer = $3,000.00
150 Chairs & 10 trestles tables & trolley = $7,100.00
School Car park (including drive way to loading bay)= $27,000.00
Landscaping = $2,000.00
Shelving to PE Store Room = $4,000.00

Total = $149,993.00

Key Areas of Expenditure

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