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Kiwanis Australia District Charitable Foundation

Sydney Children's Hospital - Randwick 'Comfort Care Cases'

Why are we collecting funds?

Kiwanis Foundation is collecting funds for this program on behalf of the Kiwanis Club of Sydney.

The Kiwanis Club of Sydney has sponsored the Sydney Children’s Hospital – Randwick ‘Comfort Care Cases’ program since its launch in May 2015. 

Six ‘Comfort Care Cases’ are available for children in the Intensive Care, Palliative Care and Emergency wards of the hospital, and staff are trained annually in their use. 

Each ‘Comfort Care Case’ contains resources to help comfort a child and family during the difficult end of life phase of the child’s life and assists the families to build on their memories of their child.

This program requires an annual commitment of $2,500 to provide and maintain these ‘Comfort Care Cases’ as most items are consumables (as shown below). 

How are the funds used?

A selection of the contents of the ‘Comfort Care Cases’ include:

·        digital camera and USB memory card

·        art and drawing materials and materials to take hand, foot and lip prints of infants 

·        a mood light and aroma diffuser to soften their room

·        coffee cups and satchels of coffee also respect parents needs spending long spells at the bedside

·        three books for the child and their siblings trying to explain what is happening - ‘The Next Place’, ‘On the Night You Were Born” and  ‘The Invisible String’. This last book talks about how we are always connected to the special people in our lives with an invisible string. These books help with separation.

·        body wash and face washer to wash the body after death (rather than using hospital disposable wipes and soap) and knitted blanket to brighten room and for the trip to morgue after passing. 

What can you do?

Donate to the Kiwanis Foundation for this Sydney Children’s Hospital – Randwick ‘Comfort Care Cases’ program.   Net funds actually received by KADCF will be paid out to this recipient.


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