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Kathleen Keegel Children's Fund Ltd

Support for St Anthony's Boys' Home in memory of Noel Shear


The Kathleen Keegel Children's Fund Limited (KKCF) has been created for the primary purpose of caring for orphans and underprivileged children of Sri Lanka. We have undertaken the management of St Anthony's Boy's Home in Hewadiwela near Kegalle, approximately 95kms from the capital city of Colombo and we currently have 18 beautiful children in our care. These children come from backgrounds of abuse and neglect. We are now providing them with a safe and loving environment.

How will the funds be used?

Care of children of St Anthony's Boys' Home has been lovingly undertaken by two of our representatives; Olivia (nee Keegel) and Fred Bartholomeusz who have been based in Sri Lanka since March 2004. All support for St Anthony's Boys' Home in memory of Noel Shearing will go towards the day to day running of the orphanage.

The key areas of expenditure will be on clothing, accommodation, and education, including English lessons for the children residing at St Anthony's.

There is also a Montessori kindergarten for 30 children where lessons are taught in English and a youth group for young adults in the area. We have recently opened a self-contained girls' dormitory to house girls.

The orphanage is set on a 5 acre property, which was abandoned several years ago and required initial and ongoing restoration and maintenance. There are over 300 coconut trees on the property. Existing fruit trees are bananas, jack, pineapple and a bean crop has been planted. There is ongoing work to be done and the property is continually maintained through the employment of local people. We also have a young cow, over 30 free range chickens and Kenny our Alsatian.

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