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Koalas are a threatened species in NSW, QLD and the ACT. Through our research we have discovered that koalas in the World Heritage Blue Mountains region are the most genetically diverse in the country, making them important for the conservation of the species.

The World Heritage area could be a last stronghold for koalas. The protected areas are likely to be a refuge for koalas under climate change as habitats out west become less suitable for koalas, while habitats on the coast are under constant development pressure.

No-one knows anything about these koalas, including where they live or what habtiats they use, or what threats they face. We need your support to collect this critical information and to conserve them.

Our work includes surveys and mapping koalas in remote areas, studying their ecology and habitat use, identifying threats and working with land managers and communities across public and private land to conserve the koalas.

Funds go towards capture, health assessments and radio-tracking of koalas, surveys including using wildlife detection dogs, and community engagement and education.

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