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Koala Crisis, a project of Australians for Animals Inc. (AFA) has raised major public awareness and action with its in depth blogs, movies and political/legal/scientific information.

More than 300,000 hits over the last three months demonstrates the huge concern that is shared not only by Australians but by people all over the world.   Here's some good news for all you wonderful koala friends.    Thanks to NSW Greens MLC, Cate Faehrmann, a Parliamentary Inquiry into Koalas will be happening and it will go for a year.   Cate will be chairing the Committee and AFA has been assured that the membership of the committee will ensure real hearings and real recommendations

Koala Crisis is in the process of building a huge national coalition focused entirely on legal protection of remaining habitat.   We are inviting businesses, shops, cafes, restaurants, hotels, everyone interested in doing their best to save the koala.   Politicians hate broad comunity coalitions and they usually deliver action as a resut.

Koala Crisis through AFA is working tirelessly with some of the best scientific experts and lawyers not only in Australia, but also in the US as we search for a way to end the Federal and State governments policies of extinction.

We need funds to spread the koala labels throughout NSW, Queensland, Victoria and South Australia.   We need funds to commission legal advice as the legal issues are so complex.  A National Recovery Plan is now 7 years overdue and Koala Crisis is fearful of the result.   

This is an urgent fundraising effort!

AFA is a grass roots organisation; we've been in operation for 30 years and our record of achievements is pretty damn good.

Please give generously! 


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