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Before the bushfires, drought was wiping out our precious wildlife, koalas were stick thin, abandoning their young, unable to feed them. Eucalypt leaves brittle and dry. Bats were dropping out of trees from heat stress.

With no sign of rain for months, ongoing bushfires and drought, through Koala Crisis we are raising funds to support the New England Wildlife Carers adopted by the charity, several carers in NSW and South Australia. We now face a starvation event because of the ongoing drought and fires so its critically important to keep up food, water, enclosures, shelter. 

But our work must also focus on finding solutions.

  1. There’s an urgent need for trauma/field hospitals which can be quickly set up in burned out areas where wildlife are still alive, suffering from burns and injuries.
  2. There’s an urgent need to acquire habitat that can be permanently protected.
  3. There’s an urgent need to force policy changes at all levels so that precious wildlife and environment receive the protections they deserve. 

Koala Crisis has huge support support base through our FACEBOOK PAGE, Please like, follow and share page and posts. If enough of us engage intellegently and combine our voices for change, the power brokers will have no choice but to take notice. The time for change is now!

This is an urgent fundraising effort!

Australians for Animals is a grass roots organisation. We've been in operation for over 30 years and our record of achievements exemplary. We were the ultimate 'early adopters' of Animal Protection and now, our focus is on saving our Koalas from extinction. It is unimagineable that their extinction would even be a considered reality. But sadly it truly is. Yet if we come together and fight it! If we stand together and SHOUT! We CAN change it!

Please give generously! 


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