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We wish to help young people develop life-long relationships with theatre and the arts. La Boite's Ambassador program works towards this. For a whole year, 100 Year 11 and 12 students, and 80 tertiary students, from across Brisbane and beyond, become La Boite Ambassadors. They attend all our productions for free, meet with creative teams, enjoy free workshops, learn about other La Boite programs, and have access to discounted tickets for others so that they can take a leadership role in introducing the work of La Boite to their peers, schools, and families. For many, it will be a first sustained encounter with the arts - stimulating creative thinking, enhancing tolerance, and igniting passion. As Julian Burnside QC, the prominent human rights advocate, commented recently, "without the law you can't have society, but without the arts you can't have civilisation".

How will the funds be used?

To enable La Boite Ambassadors to work at its best. This is a costly program, but one we believe in. A good ambassador makes bridges. As a member of the Ambassadors' Circle, you will help create bridges to creativity, endeavour, and a better future for young people and for La Boite, too.

La Boite has been granted match funding through Creative Partnerships Australia Plus1 program. This exciting and encouraging achievement means that all donations contributed to the company will be matched dollar for dollar, doubling all support received, until the 14th of May 2017. 

Key areas of expenditure

  • Free theatre tickets for young Ambassadors for a year.
  • Provide stimulating workshop for Ambassadors.
  • Provide heavily discounted tickets for friends, peers and families of Ambassadors. This makes it easier for Ambassadors to introduce theatre to their circles.
  • Provide special access to the program for those who are socially and geographically disadvantaged.







Contact Details

PO Box 212

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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.

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