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Labrador Rescue Incorporated

Labrador Rescue

Labrador Rescue Inc is a non-profit, entirely volunteer-run, rescue group which is dedicated to the rescue, foster care and rehoming of Labradors in need. We are a national organisation, and have rescued well over 1,000 dogs since opening our homes in 2007!

Labrador Rescue has a strong belief that every dog deserves a second chance, regardless of his or her health or age. Adoption fees contribute significantly to the cost of doing this valuable work however at times we also need to rely on the donations provided by our supporters. Donations help us to give Labradors like these three the chance they deserve:

Karly: Having been used as a breeding dog in a puppy farm, Karly came into Labrador Rescue's care frightened and untrusting. Her carer worked with her for 13 months before she was confident and could trust people again. Now in her perfect new home, she loves going to the local café and begs everyone for pats!

Jethro: After being dumped at the pound at 3 months old, Jethro came into care. It was quickly clear that he couldn't walk without excruciating pain and tests revealed that Jethro was born without hips due to poor breeding. With the help of our supporters and wonderful vets, Jethro underwent corrective surgery and is now living in a fabulous home where he gets to splash around at the beach.

Chief: Rescued from death row in the pound, covered in lumps and with his teeth filed down leaving nerves exposed, Chief was taken in by Labrador Rescue. Public donations enabled us to have his lumps and bumps removed and teeth fixed. Following some rehabilitation, and due to his beautiful nature, Chief found a wonderful home helping his new owner look after injured wildlife!

What can YOU do?

You can help dogs like Karly, Jethro and Chief by doing any of the following:
  • Donate any amount big or small will help us to give a dog the love and care it needs.
  • Foster! Join our great foster network and help to find new homes for dogs in need.
  • Adopt a dog from Labrador Rescue or any other reputable rescue organisation or buy a dog from registered breeders rather than a backyard breeder.
  • Educate! Help us to educate everyone of responsible pet ownership and the benefits of adopting a dog from rescue organisations
Join us at to see more about how your donation will help us.

Give today so that we can help more Labradors in need find the loving homes they deserve!

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1257 Cooks Hill Road
YASS NSW, 2582

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