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Launceston City Mission Inc.

Social welfare

City Mission exists to serve the local community, to be flexible and responsive in meeting the community's needs.  As a community organisation our purpose is to serve the community's people who are marginalised through poverty, abuse, addiction and other unfortunate circumstances that have brought hard times for them to bear.  It therefore goes without saying that all our initiatives are focused on charitable work and social enterprise.

The services we offer in Launceston and along the North West Coast have a positive impact in the local region:
  • Provision of food, clothing, shelter and other material items reduce the risk of theft, violence and vagrancy as our clients' basic needs are met.
  • The same can be said of our Drug and Alcohol services, providing a way out of a downwards spiral of debt, lawlessness, homelessness and sometimes, prostitution.
  • Star House provides a diversion to youth who, may otherwise be returning to a non - supportive environment.  The time spent at Star House by "at risk" youth sometimes marks a turning point in their lives, learning that they are valued and appreciated, not condemned for what they have done.
  • Our Mission Shops provide work opportunities for volunteers and "Work for the Dole" participants opening up new horizons of experience and training.  The skills learned can be a "hand up" in assisting them to secure future paid employment.  The shops also provide an inexpensive means for people on low incomes to cloth and equip themselves with basic needs.
  • Children's Playhouse provides child care to low income families who may need time away from their children to seek employment or retrain.  Many of these families are single parent families.
Our volunteers are our strength.  Over 400 volunteers choose to work for City Mission simply because they believe in our cause and want to join in to make a difference to the community where they live.  When asked why they do so much for no return, a volunteer replied, "The reward is in the giving".

The social and economic benefits of City Mission's involvement in the community are threefold.
  1. To the client as they benefit from the services available,
  2. To the community as a whole, as per above and
  3. To the giver in being part of a process in making a positive difference in someone's life.
City Mission is the channel that allows the community to help the community.  By recognising the needs that exist and establishing programs and services to respond and then enlisting the members of the community to participate City Mission is able to empower many people (both the givers and receivers) resulting in many significant outcomes to both the individual and the community.

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