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Logan East Community Neighbourhood Association

Logan East Community Neighbourhood Association


Logan East Community Neighbourhood Association is a place-based community centre in Logan, working hard to build better lives in Springwood and surrounds.  We provide an array of social inclusion programs, counselling, Emergency Relief, low and no interest loans, playgroup and parenting programs, life skills education, school holiday activities, network coordination and a venue for hire. Springwood and the region we support is not immune to common community challenges including family breakdown, unemployment, homelessness, alcohol and other drugs dependence, depression and anxiety and debt accrual.  We are here to connect people in to their community, to each other and create the space for them to be empowered and initiate the change they want to see in the world. However, LECNA is chronically under-resourced for all that we work so hard to deliver to support community needs.

Our Life Skills Education program is a ten week program delivered 4 times a year and covers topics ranging from communication, healthy relationships, expressions of love, grief and separation, managing emotions, parenting etc.  This course is for anyone wanting to change the way they act and react to others and lead happier lives.  This course gives people more tools in their toolbox to cope.  This program is delivered free, but is currently unfunded.   

Given we have evidence and feedback of people who have had their children returned to them from Child Safety after doing this course or relationships and communication improving in the family dynamic after participation in this course, LECNA is committed to ensuring the sustainability of this program.  We are tracking outcomes and have identified 100% of participants have improved interaction wth their children and feel more confident in being able to change habits to improve their lives.  

Help us to sustain this program today. $50 will cover the cost of a person to attend a session, while $100 will allow 2 people to attend a session.

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