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A great urgency:

Would you be surprised to hear that Frankston records more than double the instances of disengaged youth, and some of the highest rates of substance abuse, domestic violence, suicidal tendencies, sexual abuse of any city in the State?

Every day our staff and volunteers are confronted with the crises and brokenness of so many individuals and families, and for 19 years Life-Gate has been working hard to provide a solution - and with your help we can do more!

Our street outreach team works in the community to contact young people in their environment. We provide an afterhours Drop-in Centre run at our premises, in the heart of Frankston's CBD. This is the first and only facility within our community that provides troubled youth with wholesome entertainment; life-skills teaching; a loving, family atmosphere and a safe haven to come for help at night when these young people need it most.

Last year we also initiated another vital strategy: Youth Restoration camps. These camps enable us to have a much deeper level of input into the lives of the youth as they are away from their everyday environment / circumstances.

Unfortunately, the need for our services has increased and we urgently need more resources to cope with the growing demand.

How will your donation be used?

We greatly appreciate your help! …Your generosity will enable us to equip our centre with the musical instruments, arts and craft materials, computers, books, and DVDs necessary for our Youth Rescue programs, and most especially, enable us to continue running our Youth Restoration camps and offering ongoing counselling to youth in great need of support and assistance.

All donations are tax-deductable and an important contribution towards the wellbeing of these young people and in turn, their families.

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PO Box 11097

Are donations tax deductible?


Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.