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As a child, Liana moved around with her mother and younger siblings constantly, often sleeping in their car. She was placed in foster care when she was 13 and by 15 she had run away to couch surf with friends and acquaintances. She suffered sexual abuse and was self-harming and engaging in high risk behaviour as a way to act out her feelings of worthlessness by the time she came to us at Lighthouse. While Liana lived with us she went back to school and began her VCE. She was supported by her care team to re-connect with her family and is now living with her aunt in the country and rebuilding her relationship with her mother. Liana has now completed year 12, and remains connected to Lighthouse through our outreach program.

What does Lighthouse do?

Our vision is to end youth homelessness, together. We do this by supporting homeless young people to take their rightful place in the community. We provide them not just with a home, but with a family and a therapeutic model of care that is individually tailored and proven to work. Over the past 24 years we have helped more than 700 young people to successfully break the cycle of homelessness.

Each Lighthouse home accommodates four young people who are supported by two live-in carers and a dedicated team of psychologists and health professionals. Young people are welcome to stay with Lighthouse for as long as they need and continue to receive support through outreach programs after they transition into independent living. Lighthouse currently operates 10 homes throughout Melbourne and Regional Victoria. Through partnerships we oversee delivery of the Lighthouse Model of Care in three homes in South Australia with more poised to come on board across NSW and Victoria during 2015.

What can you do?

You can help to end youth homelessness.
· $30 buys a start-up toiletries pack for a young person moving into a Lighthouse home
· $70 buys equipment or uniform for Saturday sports
· $100 buys a month worth of nappies for a young mum and her bub
· $200 buys groceries for a week in one Lighthouse home
· $575 buys a full year myki pass for a secondary school student
· $1,500 buys two months of trauma-informed care from a clinical psychologist

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Yes, when Lighthouse Foundation is able