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Living Child Inc.

Living Child Inc.

Who are we?

Living Child Inc. was founded by midwife Sara David AM, after she visited the remote village of Yamen in East Sepik Province of Papua New Guinea (PNG) in August 2012. 

Sara was asked by the local people to do something to help them, as the death rate of mothers and babies is very high and affecting whole communities in this remote region.

We regularly visit PNG.  We are currently concentrating on the villages in Angoram District of the East Sepik Region of PNG, which is very remote and difficult to get in and out of, which makes a medical emergency even more serious.

The money donated goes towards providing our services.  Many lives have already been saved because of the services Living Child Inc. has given, and many more will be saved with your support.

 What do we do in PNG?

The Village Birth attendants and mothers are asking for help.  Living Child is working on meeting this need by:

  • Providing training and passing on knowledge to the Village Birth Attendants and mothers.  We also provide upskilling education to trained health professionals such as community health workers, nurses and midwives.
  • Leaving Visual Teaching Aids with the midwives and Village Birth Attendants.
  • Distributing Birthing Kits to the villages  in the region.
  • Listening, Learning, Reflecting, Loving and Responding to their needs.
  • Identifying and forming relationships with key individuals within Papua New Guinea and Australasia who share the same values and vision as Living Child in order to enhance negotiations and service delivery

  We appreciate and are so grateful for all donations, no matter how big or small. 

 "Before Living Child came [to PNG] I was chosen to be a Village Birth Attendant in my village. I was afraid because I did not know anything. I saw many women and babies die. It scared me. Now I have learned some skills to save lives and I feel more confident. I am not afraid anymore because I have some knowledge about how to save a life."

Clara, Samban Village

 "Since Living Child has given me some training I am now running public health awareness in my village...I run women's groups and teach the women about healthy pregnancy and danger signs. The people in my village trust and respect me. They call me now when a woman is in labour."

Lenah, Panitan Village


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