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Living Positive Victoria

Living Positive Victoria

Living Positive Victoria is an organisation for people living with HIV. We want all people with HIV to live with dignity and to lead valued and meaningful lives as full participants in society. We are a community-based organisation that works tirelessly to advance the human rights and wellbeing of people living with HIV.

Living with HIV is not easy, on top of the day to day management of a chronic, incurable condition, people living with HIV experience issues of stigma and discrimination, and in some cases there are other issues impacting on the person's ability to cope with HIV. We are here to help everyone living with HIV to develop the capacity to lead full and meaningful lives.

Even with excellent treatments, there is no cure for HIV. A small donation every month will ensure the work of Living Positive Victoria can continue for as long as it is needed, until the virus has been completely defeated.

What we do

We do this by educating, supporting and advocating on behalf of people with HIV. We conduct peer-to-peer programs to support individuals from first diagnosis to how to cope with HIV treatments; we work with doctors, specialists and policy makers, so that these groups better serve the needs of people living with HIV; we run specific events and programs to help individual development, to become a resilient community and live better lives; we work in the community to raise awareness about HIV to reduce infections, increase testing, get people on treatment, and help break down stigma and discrimination; and, we advocate on behalf of individuals in serious matters, which may involve the law, or matters where representation is needing because of issues relating to HIV.

How you can help

A one off or regular donation could help in one of the following ways:
  • help someone with HIV to become financially stable through Finance, Learning and Independence Program;
  • continue the ongoing outreach program to encourage and support early diagnosis and treatment for individual health and wellbeing; or,
  • support the ENUF Campaign which builds social action to resist HIV stigma and promote resilience.

Consider the ways you can give

A one off donation will help us support someone living with HIV right now.

A regular donation will assist the organisation in the long-term, create stability and allow us to plan ahead to more fully meet the needs of people living with HIV.

Contact Details

Sutie 1, 111 Coventry Street

Are donations tax deductible?


Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.