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Love Mercy Foundation

Love Mercy Foundation

$117,331 raised so far

$117,331 raised so far

Love Mercy Foundation is a rights based community development organization working at a grass roots level to see people inspired and empowered to overcome poverty in Northern Uganda.

Northern Uganda has been ravaged by the brutal Lord's Resistance Army during a two-decade civil war, only recently returning to their land after living in Internally Displaced Peoples camps.

Our Story

Love Mercy Foundation was founded in 2008 after Australian Olympian Eloise Wellings met Ugandan Olympian Julius Achon. Julius told Eloise his harrowing story of being abducted into the Lords Resistance Army (LRA) and forced into being a child soldier. The rebel group later murdered his mother. The Love Mercy foundation now works in LRA affected communities in northern Uganda to empower local communities to overcome poverty and meet their full potential. We exist to see Northern Ugandan's obtain their basic human rights to education, secure sources of food, employment, and health care. We see the love of Christ shown through the local church as a driving force for change in overcoming poverty.

What Can You Do?

Your generosity is essential to enable the Love Mercy Foundation to implement effective & sustainable, rights based development projects that rely upon the potential of local communities. You can partner with us on an ongoing basis to donate to these projects.

Where will your money go?

Your donation will go towards funding, resourcing and equipping our current projects on the ground in Uganda. Love Mercy is currently implementing the Cents for Seeds Project, The Kristina Achuma Health Centre and a Child Sponsorship program for 40 children. These projects will grow and change as we respond to the need. For all the latest information on these projects head to

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Love Mercy Foundation PO Box 702

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