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Lower Zambezi Flagship Species Program


There are several species of wildlife that are now locally extinct or severely depleted in the beautiful Lower Zambezi National Park in Zambia, and Science for Wildlife is working with Zambian partner organisations to restore their populations. The project is being undertaken together with the Department of National Parks and Wildlife and not-for-profit organisation Conservation Lower Zambezi.

The project targets include; translocations to restore populations of eland, working with large carnivores to reduce snaring and human-carnivore conflct, protecting elephants from ivory poaching and working with communities to reduce human-elephant conflict including crop raiding by elephants, and lastly, reintroducing black rhino to this area where they were once abundant.

By design, each of these species will become flagships for conservatin action. With each new flagship species we will increase conservation resources over a larger geographic area to:

i) collect data on the status of wildlife populations to inform ongoing management, including whether they are declining or recovering, and what threats they face 

ii) protect wildlife from commerical poaching

iii) improve livelihoods of communities around the National Park, to ensure sustainable wildlife conservation

It's an ambitious program but with every milestone for each flagship species we will make a very real difference for the wildlife living in this stunning area along the Zambezi River, and for the communities surrounding it.

We have recevied endorsement from the Zambian Government for this project, and are currently raising funds to get the project off ground and initiate activities. Please give your support, and give now.



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