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Make A Mark Australia (MAMA)

Empowering children in need through education


In an increasingly technological and competitive world, literacy has never been more important. It is essential for our development, a key to communication and pivotal in accessing critical information.

Every child, regardless of circumstance, has a right to an education - a right to unlock their full potential through basic literacy and numeracy.

MAMA's mission is to empower children in impoverished communities to achieve their full potential through improved access to education and economic independence.

Where MAMA fits in…

MAMA focuses on providing impoverished children in underdeveloped communities access to reliable schooling and education.

MAMA believes in not only educating the individual, but importantly, also assisting the community in fostering a supportive environment for all children to grow, develop and excel.

Through a practical grassroots approach, MAMA partners with communities to deliver essential education resources to children who need them most.

MAMA empowers children in need through education.

Make your mark - sign-up for the #MAMA10for10!

A regular donation of just $10 a fortnight - the cost of two coffees - can significantly change the lives of ten kids. Your donation can provide a child with access to reliable education and the power to grow, develop and excel, and will be used to fund:

  • books and literacy materials
  • educational resources
  • nutritious feeding program
  • classroom resources
  • art supplies
  • school infrastructure
  • mobile learning programs
  • learning resources

Make your mark by signing-up for the #MAMA10for10 - $10 a fortnight to help empower 10 kids. And then share with your friends and family! Together, we can change the world - one child at a time. 

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Make A Mark Australia (MAMA) 13 Jansz Crescent

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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.