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Make Renting Fair

Make Renting Fair is a community campaign – we know that when everyday people in our communities come together and organise, amazing things can happen!

There are actions every renter in NSW can take to help Make Renting Fair, and we want to support and empower renters to push for the changes they want to see in the NSW renting system.

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Make Renting Fair was launched in 2017 as a response to ongoing failure by NSW governments to listen and act on the urgent need to improve security for renters. The campaign ask was simple: to remove no grounds evictions from NSW tenancy law. This ask remains central to the campaign today.

The campaign was initiated by the Tenants' Union of NSW, together with over over 90 community organisations, unions and faith-based organisations.

Over the following two years, Make Renting Fair had some fantastic successes, including:

  • raising community awareness and media profile of the issue of no grounds evictions
  • supporting and helping facilitate NSW Labor’s announcement of a ‘renters’ rights’ policy platform that included ending no grounds evictions
  • successfully collaborating on social media and letter writing actions and a Town Hall Assembly on renting issues

In 2022, Make Renting Fair re-launched and is growing once more. Our campaign priorities have expanded to include: 

  • Ending no grounds evictions – still a major priority
  • Addressing rental affordability and rent increases
  • Ending blanket no pets clauses for NSW renters
  • Improving minimum standards around things like accessibility and energy efficiency for rental homes
  • Allowing renters to make simple changes to their rental, to make it really feel like a home – like painting or handing pictures on the walls
  • Addressing discrimination in the private rental market

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