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In the past 18 months MBANSW has experienced a 54% increase in the demand for our services. This increase has occurred for many reasons, including the additional stress placed on our front-line doctors, as well as the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some city-based practices have experienced a 90% drop in patient attendance rates with many workplaces yet to return to the city. Many specialists have seen their income reduced due to elective surgery ceasing a number of times over lockdown periods. Other doctors and their families suffered significant loss of both homes and livelihoods during the bushfires and floods that have occurred over the past two years. This coupled with a general trend of increasing rates of workplace stress, domestic violence and mental health condition,  as well as the reduction in our own investment income, has seen MBANSW only able to assist approximately 65% of the cases that requested financial assistance. Recent published research on the pandemic’s impact on doctors’ mental health shows that 30.9% of doctors are experiencing high levels of distress and 15.1% are experiencing very high levels*. * The mental health of Australian medical practitioners during Covid-19 by Michelle Anne Adams, Matthew Brazel, Richard Thomson   

                                      So we NEED YOUR HELP more than ever!

If every doctor in NSW and the ACT could provide a single, tax-deductible gift of $20 today, MBANSW would be able to assist 100% of your peers, colleagues and their family members who are in the midst of a crisis and need counselling and financial assistance to be able to get through their difficulty and return to independence. At present only 10% of doctors donate to us.

Could we count on you to help today so that we can help your colleagues recover every day?

Doctors dedicate their lives to helping others, but they are certainly not immune to serious illness, family tragedy, accidents, loss of income or mental illness. MBANSW is here to support doctors and their families through a crisis and get them back to their vocation, whenever possible.

MBANSW provides a holistic, confidential, non-judgemental avenue of support and care for doctors in need. 

The MBANSW is very fortunate to have 14 esteemed Medical Professionals on the Council who volunteer their time and expertise for this cause. The Council reviews every request for support and takes great care to ensure that the funds given so generously, are used carefully.

Thank you for making a difference with your donation!

Dr Chris Dalton, President


All donations made for MBANSW via GiveNow are safe and secure. You will instantly receive your tax receipt via email and, in turn, your help to reduce our  administration costs so that we can help more doctors in need.

Read more about what we do, and how we can help you, your family or your colleagues here or phone our Social Worker on                (02) 9987 0504.



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