Medical Benevolent Association of NSW

2017 Christmas Appeal

Celebrating the Associations' 120th anniversary in 2016, the Medical Benevolent Association of NSW (MBANSW) has been supporting doctors, their families and their colleagues in NSW and ACT since 1896.

The MBANSW provides a confidential support service to those suffering financial or other hardship within the medical profession. Whether it be financial assistance or counselling services the MBANSW provides a free and confidential service on a case by case basis. Initial contact is with a qualified and experienced Social Worker who is supported and advised by a volunteer Council of 15 to 20 registered medical professionals.

Registered as a charity since 1957, the MBANSW relies on the generosity our donors in order to provide this service to doctors and their families. Even those that dedicate their lives to helping others are not immune to ill health or misfortune. You never know when you, your family or a colleague may need our services.

All donations received by MBANSW are used carefully, with all expenditure being authorised by the Council.

Thank you for your support and your generosity!






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(02) 9987 0504
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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, when Medical Benevolent Association of NSW is able