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Centre for Inclusive Design

Centre For Inclusive Design

Centre for Inclusive Design is a peak body for Inclusive Design (ID), creating innovation and market growth while connecting with consumers traditionally left behind through disability or disadvantage.

Advocating for the advancement of ID thinking, practices and solutions, the approach is focussed on human diversity forming new insights and solutions using ID. The methodology results in inclusive growth, improved user experiences, and reduced customer loss.

As a super-connector, we collaborate and develop products, services, and experiences across a range of diverse industries. Championing ID to reduce disadvantage and increase possibility. We want to eradicate the experience of disability so that everyone can participate in the world we create.

Offering a range of different solutions for business to improve their digital and physical inclusion, Centre for Inclusive Design acts as a focal point for pushing the methodology forward. Our solutions range from training workshops to compliance audits and thought leadership mentoring.

What do we do with your funds?

Funds raised are used to advocate for the creation of an inclusive world. We believe that inclusive design is great design and that every member of the community should have full access to the society and the economy.

We promote inclusion by providing helpful information, articles, specialist training, and public advocacy to government, industry, educators, consumer groups and charities, focused on optimising the accessibility of mainstream technologies, online media, digital technology, apps, television, streaming services, and the arts. Examples of activities we undertake include:

  • Increase access to information services and reduce discrimination through courses and services that redesign technology;
  • Increase access to content and reduce discrimination in the workplace and in the community through auditing and accessibility support;
  • Relieve disability by increasing knowledge and access to technology through information guides and services
  • Support independence for individuals with a disability with expert advice from an accessibility perspective.

What can you do?

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